Real estate sales and interior decoration move into virtual reality

The former Kesko headquarters in Katajanokka was transformed into stylish apartments that you can visit at the Artek Helsinki store

The virtual reality studio ZOAN and the Artek Helsinki store are starting a new era in apartment and interior decoration presentations when the marketing of apartments at Satamakatu 3 in Katajanokka begins. The building, formerly known as the Kesko headquarters, is currently being renovated into new homes while honoring the spirit of the building that was constructed in 1940. Artek has designed the apartment interiors. ZOAN has built a high-quality, interactive 3D model of the apartment and interior design package as a whole; the apartments that were designed using the model can be visited virtually in advance, both online and in virtual reality.

The Mixed Reality Hub research group of the University of Helsinki is involved in the project in order to study virtual shopping experiences. The goal of the study is to investigate the use of virtual reality from the customer’s point of view. The key is to understand how technology can be best used as a part of the comprehensive store experience and decision-making. Studying customer experiences is a part of a larger whole, in which a model is developed for scaling and developing services that take advantage of new visualization technologies.

“At Arek, we are interested in the opportunities created by new technology. It is an interesting experience to step inside an interior design. We want to find out if VR could help with selecting and purchasing furniture and interior design in the future.”

Satu Paukkonen, 
Marketing Manager

ZOAN has already been producing virtual reality and visual 3D models for real estate actors for eight years.

“The development is progressing in a direction where customers assume that a visual experience of the real estate being sold or rented already exist, even though the actual construction has not progressed beyond the foundations. For example, if an apartment is sold thanks to a virtual experience, a lot of people would probably want to buy the interior design, too.”

Miikka Rosendahl, CEO of ZOAN

Virtual reality combined with artificial intelligence will revolutionize the real estate and interior design market.

14.3. Starting from 14 March, customers can experience Artek’s interior designs in virtual reality at the Artek Helsinki store in Keskuskatu.

Artek was established in Helsinki in 1935 “to sell furniture and to promote a modern culture of living by exhibitions and other means.” Even today, Artek is known as one of the most innovative actors of modern design that creates new paths to the future in the fields of design, architecture and art as well as at their intersections. The Artek collection consists of furniture, light fixtures and interior design products designed by Finnish masters and leading international designers.

ZOAN is the largest virtual reality studio in Finland, whose mission is to participate in making Finland into the most virtual community in the world. In the real estate field, ZOAN’s customers include the Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, LocalTapiola, YIT, Peab and Rakennusliike Lehto.

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Artek: Satu Paukkonen,
ZOAN: Miikka Rosendahl,, +358 40 963 4977
Laura Ala, +358 40 351 6808

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