Helsinki2020 is a virtual experience of Finland’s capital, Helsinki. The VR model is an ecosystem for content producers and it takes advantage of big data and other sources and communicates with the ’real’ Helsinki in real time. Come and experience the city of the future!

Visual Information in Real-time

Helsinki2020 is built from information layers. The model is based on a time and location database, which ensures an authentic city experience in present, past and future. For example, a traveler can move from the 19th century Senate Square to the future’s yet to be built residential area. It is easy to import and visualize data from different sources in the model, for example, to monitor apartment sales positions, air quality, traffic congestion and other measurement data.

Real Authentic Interactive Experience

Unlike a video-based ‘virtual reality’, the dynamic model gives the user the ability to interact with his or her surroundings and its elements. In the virtual Helsinki, trams and trains can be run and, for example, it is easy to test the impact of future buildings on the urban landscape.

Go Anywhere at Anytime

Helsinki2020 offers a wide range of navigation tools depending on the device. Helsinki can be viewed from multiple perspectives; from pedestrian’s level to bird’s-eye view. You can go inside some of the properties and test interior designs or alternatively examine floor plans and structures.

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