It all starts with
a dynamic 3D model.

We create interactive digital environments that allow your customers to experience, do and learn.

Digital Buildings

Visit apartments or commercial spaces before they are built. This dynamic 3D model can be used to visualize IoT-data or as an individual walk-through. Decorate spaces with real furniture from suppliers and see how it affects the total price.


VR Training and Simulations

Don’t just show them how; let them do it themselves! It is much more effective. Create a cost-effective, training-scheme that can be used regardless of the time and place. Experience real life situations that would otherwise be too dangerous to train in or too expensive to organize. You will get up-to-date statistics on how your employees or students are progressing with the training.


VR Experience-Based Marketing

Feel and interact with the brand.
Help your clients feel environments, visualize and create things that are too hard to reach for or do not even exist.
Let your imagination run wild!



  • has over five years of experience with virtual reality.
  • has teams on three different continents.
  • produces high quality 3D modeling in a cost-effective way.
  • combines technology and the new visual world.
  • has experience working with large, global companies and small projects.
  • understands strategy and the need to produce solutions.